About Us

Welcome to Exactus Portfolio Management Advisors, Inc., a full-service portfolio management company serving the diverse needs of the Commercial, Retail and Industrial Real Estate industries.

Exactus is dedicated to providing its clients with a full range of portfolio administration services. Our operation is tailored to match each clientʼs individual needs and organizational structure. Our team of qualified professionals possess expertise in commercial, retail and industrial real estate principles and practices.

Exactus offers professional liability insurance in the form of errors and omissions to provide a further guarantee in excess of our total quality program.

Exactus is certified by the National Minority Business Council, Inc. as a minority-owned business.

Exactus provides value by:

  • assisting in the selection of the technology solutions that fit the real estate and business objectives of the
    organization for both now and the future;
  • minimizing implementation time to take advantage of the benefits of change;
  • reducing real estate and other operating expenses by lowering administrative and IT costs and achieving
    economies of scale;
  • streamlining processes factoring in all of the stakeholders of real estate data;
  • ensuring the integrity of the data so that it’s viewed as a reliable resource and a powerful decision-making tool;
  • maximizing audit recoveries by ensuring that they strictly comply with real estate law, current accounting and market practices.

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